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McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada

2011 Fall Tour - Alliston, Ontario

Sunday October 2:
We met at a Tim Hortons located at Highways 27 and 9. A great place to start a tour. We had 21 people booked on the tour, however a few had to drop out due to not feeling great. We were a little late starting out on our tour due to a late arrival. We headed out from Schomberg across country on paved back roads. These roads arc so scenic and hilly. From one spot on Old Church Road it is possible to see the CN Tower quite clearly. We arrived on Highway 10, then north to the Forks of the Credit Road, which is very twisty and hilly and runs alongside the Credit River. This is a very popular tourist area, especially in the fall and the roads have traffic restrictions, neither buses nor large trucks are able to transverse the hills and corners. Just before the village of Bclfountaine, we turned off onto Mississauga Road and drove north, again a twisty hilly road.
Our first stop was in the village of Alton. The Alton Mill is now a mecca for artists and crafts persons. It was a nice stop and a group of photographers decided they would take pictures of our Buicks, especially the beautiful '37 Limo belonging to Bob and Doreen Ward, also the '56 Roadmaster belonging to Keith and Glenda Corby. The camera buffs seemed to concentrate on pictures of hood ornaments and wheel centres. I advised them that there would be a charge, but they just laughed at me.
Our next stop was in the town of Orangeville where we had lunch prior to heading out across the Hockley Valley Road, another twisty, hilly and scenic road. We turned north onto Airport Road and climbed and descended many more hills on our way to Mansfield where we turned east. We entered the town of Alliston at the western end and proceeded south to the Hockley Valley Railroad, a small business selling all kinds of model railroad "stuff. We were expected and they had model railways operating for us to see. This is an expensive hobby, probably as much money as restoring a Buick.
After a nice visit out of the rain, we continued south to our next turn east, towards our next stop, Antiques in the Barn, just off Highway 27. From here we headed over to Beeton, and our dinner at the Whistle Stop Restaurant. We had a great day, even though it was not sunny and we had quite a bit of rain.
by Keith Horsfall