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McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada

Welcome to the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada, established in Oshawa, 1971. Thank you and enjoy visiting our offical website.



Our sincere thanks to all the healthcare workers
on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic
and to all the other essential service providers.
Your dedication and courage will be long remembered.



Follow all Provincial and local health guidelines.


Our focus for 50 years has been McLaughlin, McLaughlin-Buick and Buick Automobiles


Hello from Alliston.

Well here we are in Summer and hopefully the end of the pandemic.

Sad news again, Ron LeBlanc, #1929 passed away in May. We will miss him.

I would like to thank Cameron and Samantha at Parkwood for their cooperation and we owe a lot of gratitude to Lois and Wes Ebbs for all they have arranged.

Many thanks also to our Board members for their participation at meetings and the good ideas they come up with. A huge THANK YOU to David Eastwood and Theo for handling the mailing of the newsletter.

A big thank you to all our members over the years for the support and attendance at our tours. We are sad that these events are coming to a close, but attendance has been dropping over the last few years. It is a big job to arrange these tours and only have a few cars show up is disappointing. Thanks to all of the members who did take the time to organize tours in the past. A special thank you to Keith Corby for the wonderful articles he has submitted to me for the Accelerator. In this issue thanks also to Wes and Lois, Bill Bressmer and Carol for his story.

Please monitor the Ontario Covid Rules: number of people that can be in one place at one time, wearing a mask, getting a shot. That way we can safeguard ourselves and others and wipe out this virus.

And keep on driving those McLaughlin Buicks and Buicks.


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Members should check the Summer Accelerator for the situation concerning tours.

LIBRARY Reminder

If you have questions about your McLaughlin or Buick car, please contact either of these two avid Buick enthusiasts and directors of the Buick Heritage Alliance (BHA):

John Fields - luvbuicks@gmail.com
189 East Schreyer Place, Columbus, Ohio, 43214
Mobile Phone: 614-296-5596

Please allow extra time for a response.

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